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QuickWash Plus®

Product Information

The Quickwash Plus gives fabric shrinkage information in a 12-15 minute test versus the 8-12 hours it takes a standard washer and dryer. This instrument is ideal for the factory floor and provides rapid, on the spot information on fabric in production so that the stenter frame, compactor, and sanforizer can be set to maximize fabric yield. This allows user to bypass the standard wash and dry cycles that take so long thus significantly reducing labor in the lab.

More Information

Product Weight

163 kg 359 lb

Product Dimensions

Width: 690 mm   Depth: 590 mm   Height: 640 mm
  27 inch     23 inch     25 inch

Testing Standards

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AATCC 187 M&S P1D ISO 23231
Ordering Information

QuickWash Plus®


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