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Shirlastain Fiber Identification Stains

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Product Information

Shirlastain was originally developed to identify different fibers with an easy test. however, these stains have been found to have multiple applications in numerous industries. These include using Shirlistain A to detect coverage of silicone in Silicone Release Paper. Application of Shirlisatin A to a sample of silicone release paper shows pinholes and voids within two minutes. Contains separate bands of 12 principle fibers to assist in fiber identification. Shirlastain Educational Testing Kit. Includes ingredients and consumables for more than 40 tests with each Shirlastain type. Full instructions included.

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Shirlastain A - 500 ml


Shirlastain C - 500 ml


Shirlastain D - 30 g


Shirlastain Multifibre Fabric (1m)


Shirlastain Educational Testing Kit