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Vortex M6

Product Information

Designed to meet AATCC Monograph M6, the Vortex M6 is a top loading washing machine engineered specifically for laboratory use. The commercial grade washer is outfitted for precise control of bath temperature, water fill, and agitation/spin speeds and times. Custom wash programs can be saved in the controller. The robust design includes a porcelain coated steel washtub and a stainless steel wash basket. The Vortex M6 can be calibrated to ISO 9000 or 17025.

Product Weight

88.45 kg 195 lb

Product Dimensions

Width: 650 mm   Depth: 710 mm   Height: 1090 mm
  25.5 inch     28 inch     43 inch

Testing Standards

Ordering Information

Vortex M6 220V 50/60 Hz