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ST300 Softness Tester

Product Information

Designed for use in the leather industry and in the textile industry for coated fabric and other soft materials. Deflection of the material whilst clamped above an aperture of a known diameter is measured when subjected to a specific load applied by a pin of a smaller diameter. The deflection is read on the analog or digital gauges. Available in analog (graduated in 0.1 mm divisions) or digital (displaying figures to 0.01 mm or 0.0005 inch) version.

Product Weight

5.5 kg 12 lb

Product Dimensions

Width: 70 mm   Depth: 490 mm   Height: 170 mm
  3 inch     19 inch     7 inch

Testing Standards

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ISO 17235 IUP 36
Ordering Information

Softness Tester - Analogue


Softness Tester - Digital


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