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5ST Single End Yarn Strength Tester

Product Information

To determine the breaking load and extension of single yarns and threads up to 250n, 25kgf, 50lbf or 100n, 10kgf, 20lbf load range depending on choice of load cell (one or both may be ordered). Special-purpose version of 5ST single column universal tester provided with HT60 manual horn-type yarn grips. Speed 0.001 to 1000 mm / min. Maximum 755 mm travel (excluded grip). Extension resolution 0.001 mm HMC wireless Bluetooth handheld controller included.

More Information

Product Weight

46 kg 101 lb

Product Dimensions

Width: 490 mm   Depth: 450 mm   Height: 1140 mm
  20 inch     18 inch     45 inch

Testing Standards

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ASTM D2256 BS 1932 ISO 2062
Ordering Information

5ST Single end yarn strength tester with HT60 grips, excludes load cell


100n, 10kgf, 20lbf load cell.


250n, 25kgf, 50 lbf load cell


Horizon Testing Software(computer not included)