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Wrap Reel-Hand Operated

Product Information

To produce skeins of yarn of a predetermined length and number of turns for count and/or strength testing. 1 meter, 36" or 54" circumference collapsible swift (specify). Complete with yarn package stand and pretension device, fitted with predetermined counter. Available in hand operated and electronic versions.

Product Weight

35 kg 77 lb

Product Dimensions

Width: 500 mm   Depth: 650 mm   Height: 560 mm
  20 inch     26 inch     22 inch

Testing Standards

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ASTM D1907 ASTM D2260 DIN 53830
ISO 2060
Ordering Information

Wrap Reel Hand Operated (1m)


Wrap Reel Hand Operated (1yd)


Wrap Reel Hand Operated (54")