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Electronic Temperature & Humidity Recorder

Product Information

A more accurate and sophisticated recorder than G206. Air is drawn over the sensing elements by an electrically driven fan. The mechanism allows a rapid reaction transfer to the circular chart of small changes in temperature and humidity. 7 day charts(100 supplied), electronic clock, and pens. 0-40oC, 20-100%RH.

Product Weight

10 kg 22 lb

Product Dimensions

Width: 370 mm   Depth: 170 mm   Height: 360 mm
  15 inch     6.5 inch     14.5 inch

Testing Standards

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M&S PG ERT 60-1 ASTM D1776
Ordering Information

Electronic Temperature & Humidity Recorder


Charts 7 Day (Pack of 100)


Felt Tip Pens Red (Pack of 3)


Felt Tip Pens Green (Pack of 3)