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Water Purification Systems

Product Information

"Select Analyst" self contained mains water purification systems producing laboratory water equivalent to double distilled quality. Supplied complete with intenral (20L) or external (50L) reservoir on selective basis, water quality indicator and installation kit. Units up to 500 litres per day capacity available. LCD touch screen panel for easy menu navigation providing fingertip diagnostic functionality.

More Information

Product Weight

28/46 kg 13/20 lb

Product Dimensions

Width: 440 mm   Depth: 560 mm   Height: 750 mm
  18 inch     22 inch     30 inch

Testing Standards

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BS 3978 ISO 3696
Ordering Information

Analyst Water Purifier 20L/Day at 12L/Hr (Internal Tank)


Analyst Water Purifier 50L/Day at 12L/Hr (External Tank)


Pretreatment Cartridge and Polishing Cartridge