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Horizon Textile Test Methods And Procedures

Product Information

Almost 300 Textile test methods and procedures are embedded into the Unique TEXMAT Textile Software package and more are added regularly. New methods approved for use by SDL Atlas and Tinius Olsen will be downloadable on request by registered TEXMAT users. Inclusion of methods within the software ensures tests are carried out using the correct parameters such as speed, pretension, gage length, units and report formats among others. We cooperate in this area with most International Standards Organizations, Major Retailers and Textile Manufacturers as well as Government and Military Specifiers. If you or your organization are involved in writing or setting Textile Standards requiring the use of Universal testers and you are not included in our list, please contact us.

AW30-001 A.W.R TM 30 (Australian Wool Research) Tensile
AW31-001 A.W.R TM 31 (Australian Wool Research) Seam
AW32-001 A.W.R TM 32 (Australian Wool Research) Tear
AW33-001 A.W.R TM 33 (Australian Wool Research) Tensile
AW35-001 A.W.R. TM 35 (Australian Wool Research) Friction
A136-201 AATCC 136;2000 Bond Strength of Bonded and Laminated Fabrics Tensile
AATM-136 AATCC TM 136-2000 Bond Strength of Bonded and Laminated Fabric Peel
AATM-015 AATCC TS-015:2004 Seam Stretchability of Knitted Garments Seam
TEAR-AH1 Arthur Hart Tear Tape Tear
A200-210 AS 2001.2.10 - Wing Rip Tear
A200-120 AS 2001.2.20 - Seam Breaking Force Seam
A200-122 AS 2001.2.22 (1986) Yarn Slippage Seam
A200-102 AS 2001.2.3 - Breaking Force & Ext Tensile
A211-115 AS/NZ Method 2111.15 - Tuft Withdrawal Tensile
A211-116 AS/NZ Method 2111.16 - Bond Strength Peel
ASD1-294 ASTM D 1294 Breaking tenacity of 25.4mm wool fiber bundles Tensile
AS16-83C ASTM D 1683;2004 Failure in Sewn Seam of Woven Apparel Seam
AS20-61A ASTM D 2061 - Chain Crosswise Strength Tensile
AS20-61F ASTM D 2061;1998 - Bottom Stop Holding - Crosswise Tensile
AS20-61E ASTM D 2061;1998 - Bottom Stop Holding - Slider Tensile
AS20-61G ASTM D 2061;1998 - Bottom Stop Holding - Stringer Separation Tensile
AS20-61H ASTM D 2061;1998 - Bridge Top Stop - Stringer Separation Tensile
AS20-61B ASTM D 2061;1998 - Element Pull-Off Tensile
AS20-61C ASTM D 2061;1998 - Element Slippage Lengthwise Tensile
AS20-61J ASTM D 2061;1998 - Fixed Retainer - Pull Off Tensile
AS20-61O ASTM D 2061;1998 - Holding Strength of Slider Lock Tensile
AS20-61N ASTM D 2061;1998 - Resistance to Angular Pull-Off of Slider Pull Tensile
AS20-61L ASTM D 2061;1998 - Resistance to Cushioned Compression Compression
AS20-61M ASTM D 2061;1998 - Resistance to Pull-Off of Slider Pull Tensile
AS20-61I ASTM D 2061;1998 - Separable Pin - Pull Off Tensile
AS20-61K ASTM D 2061;1998 - Separating Unit - Crosswise Tensile
AS20-61D ASTM D 2061;1998 - Top Stop Holding Tensile
ASD22-09 ASTM D 2209;1995 - Tensile Strength of Leather Tensile
AS22-12B ASTM D 2212 : 1989 Slit Tear Resistance of Leather Tear
ASD2-212 ASTM D 2212 Slit Tear Resistance of Leather Tear
ASD2-256 ASTM D 2256 Tensile Properties of yarns (single-strand) Tensile
AS22-61B ASTM D 2261;1996 Fabric Tongue Tear Strength - Opt 1 & 2 Tear
AS22-62a ASTM D 2262 Tear Test - 5 Highest Peaks [XHEAD] Tear
AS27-24A ASTM D 2724 - 03 Bond Strength of Bonded and Fused Fabrics Bonding
AS27-24B ASTM D 2724 - 03 Bond Strength of Laminated Fabrics Bonding
A310-702 ASTM D 3107;1980 Fabric Stretch and Growth Tensile
A310-701 ASTM D 3107;1980 Stretch Properties of Woven Fabrics Tensile
ASD3-787 ASTM D 3787 Bursting Strength in Knitted Goods Compression
AS40-34A ASTM D 4034;1992 Yarn Slippage for Upholstery Seam
ASD4-533 ASTM D 4533 Trapezoid Tearing of Geotextiles Tear
AS46-32X ASTM D 4632:1996 Grab Breaking Load and Elongation of Geotextiles Tensile
ASD47-04 ASTM D 4704;1998 - Tearing Strength Tongue Tear of Leather Tensile
ASD4-833 ASTM D 4833 Puncture Resistance of Geotextiles Compression
AS49-64F ASTM D 4964 (open-Cycle) Tension/Elongation of Elastic Fabrics with 3 Ld and Ex targets Cycle
ASD4-964 ASTM D 4964 Tension/Elong of Elastic Fabrics Tensile
AS49-64C ASTM D 4964 Tension/Elongation of Elastic Fabrics (based on) Tensile
AS49-64E ASTM D 4964:1996 (Modified) Tension/Elongation of Elastic Fabrics Cycle
AS49-64B ASTM D 4964:1996 Tension/Elongation of Elastic Fabrics Tensile
ASD5-034 ASTM D 5034;2001 Breaking Force & Elongation - Grab Test Tensile
ASD5-035 ASTM D 5035;1995 - Breaking Strength & Elongation - Strip Force Tensile
AS51-70A ASTM D 5170: 1998 - Peel Strength of Hook & Loop Touch Fasteners Peel
ASD5-587 ASTM D 5587 Tear Strength Opt.1 (Trapezoid) Tear
ASD5-733 ASTM D 5733:1995 Non-Woven Fabric Trapezoidal Tear Tear
AD66-14A ASTM D 6614-00 Textile Fabric Stretch - CRE Method Tensile
AS43-405 ASTM D434;1992 Resistance to Slippage of Yarns & Seam Strength Seam
LTAS-SP1 ASTM D434;1995 ASTM D5034;1995 Resistance to Slippage Seam Strength and Fabric Strength Seam
BHSL-IP4 BHS 1 & 4A;1999 Tensile & Seam Properties Seam
BHS0-15J BHS 15J;1999 Stretch and Recovery Cycle
BHS1-601 BHS 16;1999 Peel test Peel
TEAR-BMW BMW Tear Test - Din 53 859 Tear
B193-22A BS 1932:Part 2 Knot Strength of Yarn and Thread [Xhd] Tensile
B193-22B BS 1932:Part 2 Loop Strength of Yarn and Thread [Xhd] Tensile
BS25-43B BS 2543;1995 Upholstery Seam Slippage Seam
BS30-84K BS 3084:1992 Slide Fasteners Appendix B Puller attachment test Tensile
BS30-84L BS 3084:1992 Slide Fasteners Appendix C Closed end Tensile
BS30-84M BS 3084:1992 Slide Fasteners Appendix D Top-stop Tensile
BS30-84N BS 3084:1992 Slide Fasteners Appendix E Open end fastener box Tensile
BS30-84P BS 3084:1992 Slide Fasteners Appendix G Lateral strength Tensile
BS30-84Q BS 3084:1992 Slide Fasteners Appendix H Lateral strength of open attachment Tensile
BS30-84J BS 3084:1992 Slide Fasteners Appendix J Slider locking test Tensile
BS31-44A BS 3144 : pt6.4 Tearing Load (F) & Thickness [XHead] Tear
BSI3-144 BS 3144 Measurement of Tearing Load (leather) Tensile
BS33-203 BS 3320 Slippage Resistance Seam
BS33-204 BS 3320;2001 Slippage Resistance of Yarns in Woven Fabrics Seam
BS34-24C BS 3424 Part 4 Method 6 [XHead] Tensile
BS34-24E BS 3424 Part 4;1996 Method 6 Breaking Strength Tensile
BS34-24A BS 3424 Part 5;1996 Method 7B Tear Strength Tear
BS34-24G BS 3424 Part 6;1996 Method 8A Bursting Strength Compression
BS34-24B BS 3424 Part 7;1982 Method 9B Adhesion Strength Peel
BS41-162 BS 4162 Button Strength Tensile
BS43-03B BS 4304;1995 Resistance to Tearing of Woven Fabrics Wing Rip Tear
BS46-500 BS 4650 Tensile Strength[XHead] Tensile
BS46-740 BS 4674 Tensile Tenacity Test [Xhd] Tensile
BS49-52Q BS 4952 : 2.4. Extn & Rec. [Variable settings] Tensile
BSI4-952 BS 4952 Elastic Fabric Tear
EXTM-005 BS 4952 METHOD A (W/W) Cycle
BS49-52A BS 4952;1992 2.1 & 2.2 Elastic Fabrics Extension & Modulus Tensile
BS49-52E BS 4952;1996 2.4 Elastic Fabrics Residual Extension Cycle
BS51-31M BS 5131 pt.5.13 : Seam Strength Seam
BS51-31L BS 5131 Sec 5.11: Buckle Fastening Assemblies Tensile
BS51-31D BS 5131 Sec 5.4: Sole Bond Peel [XHead] Peel
BSI5-229 BS 5229 - Tuft Withdrawal Tensile
BSI7-399 BS 7399 - Delamination Force Peel
BS96-41X BS EN 964-1:1995 Geotextiles - Auto thickness Method B (Single layer) Comp Hold & Ramp
BS96-41A BS EN 964-1:1995 Geotextiles - thickness Method A (Single layer) Tensile
BS96-41B BS EN 964-1:1995 Geotextiles - thickness Method B (Single layer) Comp Hold & Ramp
BS13-937 BS EN ISO 13937: pts.2 to 4: Tear Properties of Fabrics Tear
TEAR-012 Coated Fabrics Tear Test (Mid 50% 5 Highest pks) Tear
CYCL-005 Compression Load Cycle + 3Ld Targets [XHd] Cycle
ITST-004 Compression to 75% I.D. with weight Compression
ITST-005 Compression to 95% I.D. without weight Compression
CYCX-002 Cycle to Extension Tensile Test [XHead] Cycle
CYCX-003 Cycle to Extension Tensile Test [XHead] Cycle
DN53-354 DIN 53 354 - Artificial leather tensile test Tensile
DN53-356 DIN 53 356 - Artificial leather tear growth test Tensile
DN53-857 DIN 53 857 - Tensile Test on Strips of Fabric (Part1) Tensile
DN53-858 DIN 53 858 Breaking Strength - Grab Method Tensile
DN53-859 DIN 53 859 Tongue Tear Growth [XHead] Tear
DP03-501 Dupont Test Method 035;2001 Tear
DP07-602 Dupont Test Method 076 (May 2000) Tensile
DPLS-001 Dupont Test Method Lycra Soft Cycle
DPTM-011 Dupont TM 011 - Lycra Tensile Tensile
DPTM-V11 Dupont TM 011 - Lycra Tensile [Variable] Tensile
DP76-77A Dupont TTM 076 Elongation & 077 Growth (Aug 2001) Tensile
DP07-6CK Dupont TTM 076-CK Circular Knit Fabric Elongation Cycle
DPTM-012 DuPont: TTM 012 Elastic properties of Bare Elastane Yarn Tensile
PSXX-107 E. Modulus Proof and Tensile (Stress) Th-Wd[PS25/50] Tensile
E187-5A3 EN 1875-3; 1997 Tear Strength Part3: Trapezoid Tear
EN34-41A EN 344 Determination of compression resistance Compression
EN34-41C EN 344 Energy Absorption of seat region Compression
EN34-41B EN 344 Nail Penetration[XHead] Compression
E986-31X EN 9863-1:2005 Geosynthetics - Auto thickness at pressures Part1: Single layer (Proc B) Comp Hold & Ramp
E986-31B EN 9863-1:2005 Geosynthetics - thickness at pressures Part1: Single layer (Proc B) Compression
E122-36A EN ISO 12236:1996 Geotextiles - Static Puncture CBR Puncture
E139-34A EN ISO 13934-1;1999 Maximum Force & Elongation - Strip Method Tensile
E139-3X1 EN ISO 13934-2:1999 + 13935-2:1999 + 13936-1:2004 Seam Properties Seam
E139-34B EN ISO 13934-2;1999 Maximum Force - Grab Method Tensile
E139-35A EN ISO 13935-1;1999 Seam Rupture Force - Strip Method Seam
E139-3Q2 EN ISO 13935-2:1999 + 13936-2:2004 Seam Properties Seam
E139-35B EN ISO 13935-2;1999 Seam Rupture Force - Grab Method Seam
E139-36F EN ISO 13936-1;2004 Slippage Resistance - Fixed Opening Method Seam
E139-36G EN ISO 13936-2;2004 Slippage Resistance - Fixed Load Method Seam
E139-37A EN ISO 13937;2000 pts.2 to 4: Tear Properties of Fabrics Tear
EN02-062 EN ISO 2062;1995 Yarn from Packages Breaking Force and Elongation Tensile
E467-4A1 EN ISO 4674-1;2003 Tear Resistance of Coated Fabrics - methods A & B Tear
SEAM-003 Fabric Slippage at Load Seam
KAYM-ACF Fabric Tensile with Extension Targets Tensile
TEAR-FIT Fiat Tear - 50 442 Tear
FIBR-001 Fibre Test (Force) [XHead] Tensile
FIBR-002 Fibre Test (Stress) [XHead] Tensile
KAYM-ACT Filament Tenacity Test Tensile
TEAR-FHD Ford and Honda Tear - D 6506 : 5.6 Tear
SEAM-FRD Ford Seam - FLTM BN 119-01 Seam
SLIP-TI2 Gen. Tensile / Seam Slippage [WW] Seam
SLIP-TI1 Gen. Tensile / Seam Slippage [Xhead] Seam
BUTT-AT1 General Security of Attachments Test [XHead] Tensile
SEAM-G-M GM Seam - GME 60341 Seam
GRAB-001 Grab Test Tensile
GRAB-002 Grab Test + Preload Tensile
SEAM-430 Hold Load User Input Seam Slippage Seam
NTG0-002 IHTM Nottingham Textile Group Stretch and Recovery v2;2004 Tensile
IS13-019 ISO 10319 Wide-Width Tensile Test Tensile
IS10-321 ISO 10321 Tensile Tests For Joints/Seams by wide/Width Method Seam
IS13-936 ISO 13936-1: Slippage Resistance - Fixed Opening Method Seam
I139-36D ISO 13936-2: Slippage Resistance - Fixed Load Method Seam
ISO2-060 ISO 2060 Threads: Textiles - Yarns from Packages Tensile
ISO2-062 ISO 2062 - Breaking Force of Yarns Tensile
IS34-MA2 ISO 34 Method A / BS 903: A3 Trouser tear (2 pks) Tear
IS46-74A ISO 4674 : (A1/A2) Tear Resistance of Coated Fabrics Tear
ISO4-919 ISO 4919 - Tuft Withdrawal Tensile
ISO5-079 ISO 5079 - Breaking Strength of Fibres Tensile
ISO6-133 ISO 6133 Adhesion Strength Tear
ISO6-939 ISO 6939: Yarns from Packages (Skein) Tensile
IS90-73C ISO 9073 Pt3 :Tensile and Elongation Tensile
IS90-73D ISO 9073 Pt4 Tear Resistance Tear
W117-001 IWS TM 117 - Seam Slippage Seam
W128-001 IWS TM 128 - Dimensional Stability Tensile
W172-002 IWS TM 172 - Tear (Mean 5 Highest Pks) Tear
W172-001 IWS TM 172 - Tear Strength Tear
W179-01b IWS TM 179 - Stretch Test with Res.Ext Tensile
W179-01c IWS TM 179 (1997) - Stretch Test with Res.Ext Tensile
W202-001 IWS TM 202 - Tuft Withdrawal Tensile
W264-002 IWS TM 264 - Bond (Mean 5 Highest Pks) Peel
W264-001 IWS TM 264 - Bond Strength Peel
LtdA-003 Ltd 03;2004 Stretch Fabrics - Power and Recovery Tensile
LtdA-006 Ltd 06;2004 Elastics Load - Elongation and Recovery Tensile
Ltd0-701 Ltd 07 Bra Band Elongation Tensile
Ltd1-001 Ltd 10 Comfort Value Load and Elongation Tensile
Ltd1-101 Ltd 11 Garment Form Load and Elongation Tensile
Ltd2-401 Ltd 24 Seam Stretchability of Knitted Garments Seam
MS11-002 M&S P11;2001 Tensile Strength Seam
MSRA-M02 M&S P115; 2004 Security of Attachment RAM Tensile
MS11-5B4 M&S P115;2001 Security of Attachment - 20 kgf Tensile
MSRA-M01 M&S P115;2003 Security of Attachment RAM Tensile
MS11-5A4 M&S P115;2004 Security of Attachment - 10kgf Tensile
MS11-5C5 M&S P115A;2004 Security of Attachment of Poppers to Garments Tensile
MS11-A02 M&S P11A;2004 Tensile Strength - Bra Wire Casing Tensile
MS12-005 M&S P12;2004 Fabric Slippage Seam
MS12-202 M&S P122;2001 Strength of Buttons Tensile
MS12-402 M&S P124;2001 Fabric Covered Button Security Tensile
MS12-A01 M&S P12A;2004 Fabric Slippage of Stretch Fabrics (Fixed Load) Seam
MS12-B02 M&S P12B;2004 Garment Seam Slippage and Seam Strength (Fixed Load) Seam
MS13-004 M&S P13;2004 Peel Bond Strength Tensile
MS13-A02 M&S P13A;2004 Peel Bond Strength for Handbag and Belt Fabrics Tensile
MS14-002 M&S P14;2004 Extension & Modulus Tensile
MS14-102 M&S P141;2003 Single Stringer Top Stop Tensile
MS14-A02 M&S P14A;2004 Ext. & Modulus - Stretch Laces Tensile
MS14-B01 M&S P14B;2001 Elastic Properties - Lycra Soft Tensile
MS14-C02 M&S P14C;2001 Ext. & Mod. - Bare Rubber Tapes Tensile
MS15-PT1 M&S P15 part 1;2004 Ext. & Res. Ext. of Stretch Woven Fabrics Tensile
MS15-A02 M&S P15A;2003 Ext. Mod & Res. Ext. of Stretch Fabrics - Weft Knits Tensile
MS15-B02 M&S P15B;2001 Knee Bagging Tensile
MS35-003 M&S P35;2001 Baumann Tear Strength Tensile
MS42-003 M&S P42;2004 Single Tear Strength Tensile
MS43-002 M&S P43;2004 Breaking Load & Extension of Woven and Coated Fabrics Tensile
MS70-001 M&S P70;2001 Strength Testing of Sewing Threads (EN ISO 2062;1995) Tensile
MS98-003 M&S P98;1989 Tear Strength Wing Rip Tensile
VAR0-15J Method 15J - Variable Dwell Tensile
MFTM-601 MFTM 6;2004 Meidenform Test Method Tensile
TEAR-MTT Mits/Toyota H/L Tear - ES-X83270 : 4.7 Tear
ASSH-SP1 Modified ASTM D434;1995 and ASTM D5034;1995 Seam Slippage & Strength Seam
SLTE-001 Modified SLT to Extension [Xhd] Tensile
MTLS-105 MTL S-1005 Stretch Fabrics Load, Elongation and Recovery Auto Method Any
NEXT-042 NEXT Method 42:2005 Attachment strength of Components Tensile
NEXT-037 NEXT Draft Method 37 - Button Strength Oct. 2002 Tensile
NEXT-37A NEXT Draft Method 37A - Button Attachment Strength Oct. 2002 Tensile
NEXT-016 NEXT Method 16;2000 Slippage Resistance Seam
NEXT-021 NEXT Method 21;2000 Extension and Modulus Tensile
NEXT-21A NEXT Method 21a;2002 Extension & Recovery Tensile
NEXT-025 NEXT Method 25;2000 Wing Rip Tensile
NEXT-027 NEXT Method 27;2000 Breaking Strength and Elongation Tensile
CY30-102 NFG 30-102B Hosiery Test Tensile
SEAM-NIS Nissan Seam Strength - M 154/15 Seam
TEAR-NIS Nissan Tear - M 0154/14 Tear
NZTM-030 NZWB TM30 Integrity of Heat-cut Edges [XHead] Tensile
NZTM-410 NZWB TM410 (including TM 412) [XHead] Tensile
NZTM-411 NZWB TM411 Handling Resistance [XHead] Tensile
PERS-001 Persoz Compression Test [XHead] Compression
PREN-125 prEN 12568 Penetration Resistance Compression
EN12-718 prEN 12718 - Stocking Test [XHead] Tensile
TEAR-PSA PSA Tear - D44 1126 Tear
RES3-0_3 Rover RES.30.A.D.903 - Adhesion of Rubber/Fabric Peel
TEAR-ROV Rover Tear - BS 3424 pt.5 : 7b Tear
RSG1-001 RSG Method 1;2001 Tensile Strength Grab Method Tensile
RSG0-101 RSG Method 10;2001 Garment Seams (Investigate Only) Tensile
RSG2-001 RSG Method 2;2001 Seaming Properties Tensile
RSG3-001 RSG Method 3;2001 Stretch Woven Seam Properties Tensile
RSG4-001 RSG Method 4;2001 Extension Modulus Tensile
RSG5-001 RSG Method 5;2001 Residual Extension(Knits) Tensile
RSG6-002 RSG Method 6:2002 Stretch Woven Extension and Residual Tensile
RSG6-001 RSG Method 6;2001 Stretch Woven/Extension Tensile
RSG7-001 RSG Method 7;2001 Wing Rip Tensile
RSG8-001 RSG Method 8;2001 Tear Strength For Leather Tensile
RSG9-001 RSG Method 9;2001 Stretch Properties Knit & Wovens Tensile
NEU0-001 RS-Tarpaulin:1993 8.2 Tear Strength Tear
TEAR-SAB Saab Tear - Std 1075 Tear
SARA-002 Sarah Lee Stretch Test Tensile
SARA-001 Sarah Lee Stretch Test W/W Tensile
MOBL-001 Seam Separation - MobelTest Seam
SEAM-007 Seam Slippage and Tensile [W/W] Seam
S251-231 SIS 25 12 31 Tear Strength Tear
SL14-001 SLIATM 14;2000 Sara Lee Intimate Apparel Test Method Cycle
SL14-A01 SLIATM 14A;2000 Sara Lee Intimate Test Method Cycle
STAB-001 Studio Albonico - Seam Test Seam
BUTT-001 Tensile Button Pull-Off (Force) [XHead] Tensile
CYCL-004 Tensile Load Cycle + 3Ld Targets [XHd] Cycle
CYCL-003 Tensile Load Cycle + Ld/Ex Targets [XHd] Cycle
CYCL-002 Tensile Load Cycle Test [XHd] Cycle
TLaz_036 Tensile Test on Ropes & Knots [500L] Tensile
EMOL-014 Tensile/Yield/Modulus Test [500L] Tensile
LT27-24B The Ltd - ASTM D 2724 - 03 Bond Strength of Laminated Fabrics Bonding
SEAM-TOY Toyota Seam - TSL 21009 : 4.16 Seam
TENK-TOY Toyota Tensile Knitted - TSL 21009 : 4.7 Tensile
TENW-TOY Toyota Tensile Woven - TSL 21009 : 4.7 Tensile
Z117-001 W.o.Nz TM 117 - Seam Slippage Seam
Z128-001 W.o.Nz TM 128 - Dimensional Stability Tensile
Z202-001 W.o.Nz TM 202 - Tuft Withdrawal Tensile
Z264-001 W.o.Nz TM 264 - Bond Strength Peel
Z004-001 W.o.Nz TM 4 - Breaking Load + Ext Tensile
WMTM-117 Woolmark TM 117;2002 Seam Slippage (Woven fabrics) Seam
W179-AB2 Woolmark TM 179:Oct 2001- pts A&B Knitted Stretch and Growth Tensile
W179-AB1 Woolmark TM 179:Oct 2001- pts A&B Wovens Stretch and Growth Tensile
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