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Gas Fume Chamber

Product Information

The Gas Fume Chamber tests the color fastness of textiles when exposed to atmospheric oxides of nitrogen caused by the combustion of gases. The instrument is equipped with a Bunsen burner and rotating rack. As the testing occurs over an extended time in an unobserved environment, a number of mechanisums have been incorporated to insure the safety of the operator including gas pressure regulation, unburnt gas detectors, extinguished flame alarm, and an interlocked flame ignition system amoung others.

More Information

Product Weight

140 kg 309 lb

Product Dimensions

Width: 780 mm   Depth: 670 mm   Height: 1100 mm
  31 inch     27 inch     44 inch

Testing Standards

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AATCC 23 ISO 105-G02 GB /T 11039
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Gas Fume Chamber