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MMT® (Moisture Management Tester)

Product Information

The 2nd Generation MMT makes moisture management testing even easier. Increased access area makes it possible to test larger samples while allowing easier cleaning of the sensors. The new center positioning indicator improves the precision when testing porous samples. A more robust and attractive metal housing and motorized sensor movement make the instrument an instant feature in any laboratory. The multi-language software allows more technicians to use the MMT in their native language.

More Information

Product Weight

27 kg 59.5 lb

Product Dimensions

Width: 300 mm   Depth: 420 mm   Height: 545 mm
  12 inch     16.5 inch     21.5 inch

Testing Standards

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AATCC 195 SN /T 1689.1 GB 21655.2
Ordering Information

MMT, Moisture Management Tester