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Needle And Metal Detector

Product Information

The Conveyer Type needle Detector is a free standing conveyorized digital Needle Detector for garments. Accepts non-metals and all approved non-ferrous zips and poppers. It will reject and ferrous or nickle contamination, typically staples and needle fragments equivalent to a 1.0 mm ferrous sphere. The unit has a belt speed of approximately 25 to 30 meters per minute and an aperture size of 24" (700mm) width x 7" (175mm) height. In case of reject, belt stops with audible alarm and signal light is activated. Full digital technology and control.

More Information

Product Weight

300 kg 660 lb

Product Dimensions

Width: 1500 mm   Depth: 920 mm   Height: 950 mm
  60 inch     36 inch     37 inch

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Conveyer Type Needle Detector


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Portable Needle Detector


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