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AATCC Accelerotor

Product Information

To rapidly determine wet and dry abrasion resistance of flexible materials including textiles, paper, leather and plastics. Samples are rapidly tumbled within a cylindrical test chamber lined with an appropriate abrasive material. The tumbling action is provided by a propeller shaped rotor for a predetermined time at a predetermined speed.Can be specified with rotors and liners for ASTM/AATCC tests or for Marks and Spencer Tests (Accredited Suppliers only).

Product Weight

15 kg 34 lb

Product Dimensions

Width: 200 mm   Depth: 450 mm   Height: 250 mm
  8 inch     18 inch     10 inch

Testing Standards

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AATCC 93 M&S P26
Ordering Information

AATCC Accelerotor


Impeller, ASTM & AATCC


Impeller, M&S


Fine Abrasive Liner(ASTM & AATCC)-For Accelerotor- (Pack of 50) 500 grit Aluminum Oxide(Standard)


Medium Abrasive Liner(ASTM & AATCC)-For Accelerotor- (Pack of 50) 240 grit Aluminum Oxide(Special applications)


Hard Abrasive Liner, M&S