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Pneumatic Sample Press

Product Information

Heavy duty tabletop press with 125mm (6 in.) bore air cylinder, 50mm (2 in.) cutting depth and 152.4 mm x 152.4 mm (6 x 6 in.) cutting table. Peumatic activation at 100 PSI (7 Bars) produces 1282 kg (2825 lb) of cutting force which can easily cut through multiple fabric layers. Provided with automatic sample ejection and two hand control for safety and regulator filter. Completely air operated - no wiring required (Laboratory standard compressed air supply required). Included 2.6974 inch die and 100 cutting pads (4.4424 or other special die shapes and sizes available on application).

Product Weight

59 kg 130 lb

Product Dimensions

Width: 450 mm   Depth: 480 mm   Height: 450 mm
  18 inch     19 inch     18 inch

Testing Standards

Ordering Information

Pneumatic Sample Press


Circular Die 100cm²(113mm/4.44 in dia.) for European Fabric Yield System.


Circular Die 68.53mm (2.698in) diameter for U.S. Fabric Yield System.


Cutting Pads for M236/5


Silent Laboratory Compressor (Optional)

Larger capacities available on request