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Bundesmann Water Repellency Tester

Product Information

The Bundesmann provides a water repellency test for fabrics that are being contacted during use such as a rain jacket. Samples are mounted over a cup and are rubbed from underneath during the test. Three hundred precision stainless steel drop formers provide simulated rain falling from a height of 150 cm. Samples mount onto holders outside of the tester and then are easily set in place on top of the cups.

More Information

Product Weight

177 kg 390 lb

Product Dimensions

Width: 760 mm   Depth: 760 mm   Height: 2100 mm
  30 inch     30 inch     83 inch

Testing Standards

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DIN EN 29865 ISO 9865 NF G 07-058
GB /T 14577 BS EN 29865
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Bundesmann Water Repellency Tester


Bundesmann Centrifuge