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Pressley Fiber Bundle Strength Tester

Product Information

To determine the tensile strength of natural fibers. Includes 1 pair clamps and spacer, torque vice and wrench, cutter, comb and tweezers. A 5mg x 0.01mg capacity balance is required but not included.

Product Weight

3.2 kg 7 lb

Product Dimensions

Width: 330 mm   Depth: 100 mm   Height: 125 mm
  13 inch     4 inch     5 inch

Testing Standards

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ASTM D1445 ASTM D2524 BS 5116
ISO 3060
Ordering Information

Pressley Fiber Bundle Strength Tester


Clamps & Spacer (1 pair)


Leather Clamp Facings (pack of 30)


Torsion Balance 5mg