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SDL Atlas

Improved SDL Atlas PnuBurst Offers Elastic Fabric Testing

Release Date 08.02.16Subscribe RSS

SDL Atlas is excited to introduce the next generation PnuBurst Burst Strength Tester.  The new design comes with improved touch screen controls to make test selection and initiation much quicker and easier.  The instrument also features clamp pressure control through the touch screen to facilitate the requirements of certain tests such as those required for Marks & Spencer suppliers.  Laser measurement provides precise bursting distension heights.

The improved PnuBurst also offers the new capability of testing elastic fabrics.  The new, optional ElastiTest Software gives users the ability to perform a cyclic test on elastic textile samples.  Simulating repeated stretching action provides users with information on how a fabric maintains its strength and recovery after being stretched in three dimensions. 

The software allows the technician to set up a test routine by specifying if they want to maintain either inflation pressure or distension height as constant.  The other attribute will then become the variable which shows how the sample performs.  The cycle can be designed to inflate at a certain rate, hold the maximum point for a period of time, and then deflate at a determined rate.  This test provides a much better real world analysis of an elastic fabric in use than the straight stretch tests performed on a tensile tester.

All of the previous notable features of the PnuBurst still exist in the enhanced model including:

·         Automatic Flow Control - to ensure the burst happens in the required window of time as prescribed by the selected standard. 

·         Automatic Diaphragm Correction – to subtract the pressure it takes to inflate the bare diaphragm from test results to achieve real bursting strength measurements.

·         Automatic Bell and Ring Detection – the controller will read the bell and clamping ring sizes and ensure they match.

·         Results Analysis - Full analysis of multi-sample test results including each sample and mean and standard deviation.

 The improved PnuBurst is currently available world-wide.

SDL Atlas is committed to providing customers confidence in standard based testing. With offices and experts in the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and China, plus agents serving over 100 countries, SDL Atlas is ready to support its customers with instruments, equipment, test materials, and services anywhere in the world.

For more information, visit or contact an SDL Atlas solutions expert:

-           (US) T: +803-329-2110; E:

-           (Hong Kong) T: +852 3443 4888; E: 

-           (China) T: +86 755 2671 1168; E:  

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