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SDL Atlas

SDL Atlas Launder-Ometer® Improved

Release Date 09.30.15Subscribe RSS

SDL Atlas today announced improvements to their classic Launder-Ometer, the instrument that set the standard for colorfastness to washing tests, which make it easier to use.  

 The Launder-Ometer has been upgraded with a gas-powered shock to assist in opening and closing the door. The instrument also received a redesign to the retention bars that lock containers in place. Operators can now place the retention bar down over the containers and lock the five containers in place with the simple half turn of the knob.  

 "AATCC specified the Launder-Ometer for over 50 years as the instrument to use to perform their wash fastness tests,” said SDL Atlas President, Chuck Lane. “Customers are still able to maintain confidence in the test results provided by Launder-Ometers that continue to run for decades."

 Known for decades as the AATCC Launder-Ometer, the Launder-Ometer was specifically cited in AATCC Test Method 61, and remains the most effective way to conduct colorfastness to washing and dry cleaning in compliance with all major international standards for wash colorfastness testing.

SDL Atlas is committed to providing customers confidence in standard based testing. With offices and experts in the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and China, plus agents serving over 100 countries, SDL Atlas is ready to support its customers with instruments, equipment, consumables, and services anywhere in the world.

For more information, visit or contact an SDL Atlas solutions expert:

-           (US) T: +803-329-2110; E:

-           (Hong Kong) T: +852 3443 4888; E: 

-           (China) T: +86 755 2671 1168; E:  

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