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Multifiber Fabric Style 10- AATCC, Weft/Filling Stripe

Product Information

To meet AATCC standard color fastness tests to washing, perspiration, scorching, and others.

This product has a 2" repeat of the following six yarns:
Bleached Cotton

This multifiber is offered in multiple forms such as rolls that are 45" wide and sold by the yard or meter, precut pieces that are heat sealed, overcast, or cold cut to different sizes as shown in the ordering information. Cold cut products are suitable for static color fastness tests, heat sealed for low agitation tests, and overcast for high agitation tests.

Ordering Information

G246F10Y F10 Multifiber, filling stripe, 1 yard x 45 inches wide
G246F10/1HS F10 Multifiber, heat sealed 2 x 2 inch, 1000 pieces (good for wash fastness)
G246F10/1HC F10 Multifiber, overcast 2 x 2 inch, 1000 pieces (best for wash fastness)
G246F10/1CC F10 Multifiber, cold cut 2 x 2 inch, 1000 pieces (best for perspiration test)

Product Weight

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Product Dimensions

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