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Phenolic Yellowing Test Products

Product Information

The Phenotest was developed and is intended to assess the potential of phenolic yellowing of textile materials. Performing this test will help manufacturers understand and predict if a garment will yellow while in its package.

These high quality consumables are delivered in air tight packaging that is resealable after opening to increase shelf life. Extensive testing of each batch is done before creating the Certificate of Conformity.


107345 Impregnated Test Paper, pack of 30

107346 Impregnated Test Paper, pack of 100

106432 Impregnated Test Papers, pack of 150

203038 Phenotest Control Fabrics 100 x 30mm, pack of 30 (30 individual tests)

106930 Phenotest BHT-Free Plastic Film, pack of 15m x 760mm wide (30 individual tests)

200929 Phenotest Glass Plates 100 x 40 x 3mm (pack of 10)

201053 Film Cutting Template

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Testing Standards

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ISO 105-X18 M&S C20B NEXT TM43