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SDL Atlas

Rotawash Now With Touch Panel Technology

Post Date 07.16.2012

Rotawash Now With Touch Panel Technology

The Rotawash Color Fastness Tester from SDL Atlas now features a newly improved color touch control panel. This technological advance will allow for a more customer focused interface that is easier to use and more visually pleasing.

Developed to determine color fastness to washing or dry cleaning, the Rotawash Color Fastness Tester meets all major international standards for low temperature tests up to 95°C. Available with either an 8 canister or 12 canister capacity, the instrument maintains precision control of water temperature, test duration, rate of temperature rise, water level and rotation of containers to ensure accuracy.

The new color touch screen control panel, designed to replace the former LCD panel, provides a clearer interface to facilitate easier operation. Operators can easily select from a display of user friendly, full color icons making setting up a test quicker and more convenient.

Calibrating the instrument is also made easier and more accurate. The operator can now enter five temperature points into the touch screen display and the instrument can automatically compensate any sensor linearity error and adjust to the desired temperature.

Additionally, the redesigned color touch screen allows the operator to record the previous three testing results. And, if needed, a previous test setting can be recalled so that routine test procedures can be easily reloaded saving the operator time.

“Here at SDL Atlas, we always strive to find ways to provide the best possible testing experience for our customers,” said SDL Atlas President, Chuck Lane. “The new touch screen controller we have added to the Rotowash now makes it the easiest wash fastness machine on the market to use”.

The SDL Atlas Group of companies offers the largest range of textile testing equipment, supplies, consumables, and services available from a single source. With its own offices in the United States, Hong Kong and China, plus agents in over 100 countries, SDL Atlas is ready to support its customers anywhere in the world. The goal of SDL Atlas is to provide customers with the most complete solution at the best value.

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