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Pneumatic Grips

300568 Pneumatic Grips (1kN)
200617 Pneumatic Grips (5kN)
300569 Pneumatic Grips with Interchangeable Jaws(1kN)

Pneumatic Yarn Grips

202746 Lycra Fiber Testing System
401700 Pneumatic Horn Grips (1.5kN)
300593 Pneumatic Horn Grips (3kN)
200603 Lightweight Pneumatic Grips

Control Units for Pneumatic Grips

200679 Foot Switch
200678 Pneumatic Control Unit – Foot Switch with Adjustable Maximum Pressure
300590 Pneumatic Control Unit – Toggle Switch with Adjustable Maximum Pressure
300591 Pneumatic Control Unit – Toggle Switch without Adjustable Maximum Pressure

Yarn Grips

300740 Scissor Action Grip (2kN)
200635 Split Bollard Cord Grips (5kN)
200633 Split Bollard Cord Grips (2kN)
300741 Disc Wire Grips (2kN)
300743 Light Vice Grips (1.5kN)
300745 Manual Horn Grip (1.5kN)
300746 Single Lightweight Grips for Elastic & Non-Elastic Yarns
300744 Sprung Clip Grip – 5/10N

Manual Grips

202595  Heavy Duty Vice Grips (20kN)
200643 Medium Duty Vice Grips (10kN)
300548 Medium Duty Vice Grips, Latched Opening (10kN)
300549 Miniature Vice Grips (2kN)
300552 200mm Manual Vice Grips for Tongue Tear Test

Hydraulic Grips

300517 Hydraulic/Pneumatic Grips (25kN)
300523 Hydraulic/Pneumatic Grips (50kN)
300518  Hydraulic Geotextile Grips (50kN)
300516 Hydraulic Geotextile Grips (100kN)
300519 Loadcell Piggyback Kit

General Testing Grips

300491 Split Bollard Cord Grip (25kN)
300492 Split Bollard Cord Grip (50kN)
300493 Claw Adapters
300495 Scissor Action Grips (2kN)
300497 Flat Dumbell Grips
300498 Double Bollard Grips (20kN)
300503 Knurled Roller Grips (2kn)
300504 Double Roller Gavin Type Grips (2kN)
300507 Ultra Light Vice Grips, Latched Opening (60mm width)
300510 Ultra Light Vice Grips, Latched Opening (100mm width)
300511 Variable Flexural Attachment (20kN)
300512 Needle Bar Test – Fabric Resistance to Slippage
300513 3 Point Flexular Attachment (25kN)
300514 Needle Bar Test Attachment

Button Testing

200630 Button Test Attachment
300440 Stud Attachment Plate
300441 Diamante Attachment Plate
202677 Button Test Attachment with Cover
300453 Stud Clamp Assembly
300454 Popper Grip
300456 Fabric/Garment Grip
300457 Button & Stud Pull Test Holder

Zipper Testing

300755 Zip Test – BS3084 Test 1
300750 Zip Test – BS3084 Test 2
300751 Zip Test – BS3084 Test 4
200649 Zip Test – BS3084 Test 6
300754 Zip Test – BS3084 Test 7

Burst Testing

200651 Burst Strength Attachment (ASTM D3787)
300434 Burst Strength Attachment (ASTM D751)
300432 Puncture Strength Attachment for Geotextile (ASTM D4833)
300433 Puncture Strength Attachment for Textile (ASTM D4830)
300435 Puncture Strength Attachment for Geotextile (EN 12236)

Bra Wire Puncture

200650  Bra Wire Puncture Attachment – M&S
200462 Bra Wire Puncture Attachment – NEXT

Loop Bars

300524 Loop Bars (75mm width)
200637 Loop Bars (100mm width)
300525 Fabric Loop Bars (10mm dia.)
300526 Victoria’s Secret Loop Bars (100N)
300527 Loop Bars (200N)
200636 L Profile Loop Bars for Limited

Skein Grips

200631 Skein Grips

Leather Testing

300528 Tear Hooks for Leather Tear Test (BS 3144)
300529 Adhesion of Finish Test – Leather Peel
300530 Leather Burst Test

Shoe Testing

300482 Upper Heel Clamp (Ladies shoes)
300483 Pincer Grips
300484 Heel Clamp
300485 Heel Clamp – 50mm
300486 Pincer Grips – Men’s Shoes
300487 Energy Absorption Test
300488 Nail Penetration Test
300489 Compression Test

Seat Belt

300601 Seat Belt Grip (25kN) 50mm max width
300602 Seat Belt Grip (50kN) 50mm max width
300603 Seat Belt Grip (25kN) 100mm max width
300599 Seat Belt Grip (50kN) 100mm max width
300600 Seat Belt Grip (100kN) 100mm max width


300476 100R Extensometer
300478 500L Laser Extensometer