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Standard Testing Fabrics

SDL Atlas

Standard Testing Fabrics

Textile Innovators offers a complete stock of fabrics used for various applications from general textile testing and dyestuff standardization to detergent claim and qualification testing and may other general testing. All of our fabrics are checked for weight, width, dye affinity and PH. Each fabric is compare to previous lots and our quality assurance process allows us to maintain minimal lot to lot variations. We are happy to provide samples of our fabrics upon request.


#DescriptionWidth (in.)Width (cm.)
TIC/100Acetate Satin60” wide152 cm wide
TIC/111Acetate Taffeta45” wide114 cm wide

Viscose (Rayon)

#DescriptionWidth (in.)Width (cm.)
TIC/266Spun Rayon Challis60” wide114 cm wide


#DescriptionWidth (in.)Width (cm.)
TIC/300Spun Nylon 6.6 Plain Weave45” wide114 cm wide
TIC/314Texturized Nylon 6.6 Knit56” wide142 cm wide
TIC/322Nylon 6 Tricot Warp Knit62” wide157 cm wide
TIC/324Lycra Powernet80” wide


#DescriptionWidth (in.)Width (cm.)
TIC/40078 x 76 Cotton Print Cloth - desized & bleached60” wide114 cm wide
TIC/400B*78 x 76 Cotton Print Cloth - desized & opitcal bleach45” wide114 cm wide
TIC/400R78 x 76 Greige Cotton Print Cloth48” wide121 cm wide
TIC/40548 x 52 Cotton Sheeting – unsoiled cotton fabric used for AHAM soil cloth45” wide114 cm wide
TIC/406*60 x 60 Cotton Sheeting56” wide142 cm wide
TIC/408*8 oz. Bleached White Cotton Duck36” wide91 cm wide
TIC/4098.5 oz. Bleached Mercerized Cotton Twill60” wide152 cm wide
TIC/410100% Pinpoint Oxford60” wide152 cm wide
TIC/415Black Cotton Denim60” wide153 cm wide
TIC/41614 oz. Blue Cotton Denim60” wide152 cm wide
TIC/417Blue Chucker Cotton Denim 8 oz. Preshrunk60” wide152 cm wide
TIC/418100% Cotton Velvet (Beige)54” wide137 cm wide
TIC/419*133 x 72 100% Cotton Broadcloth60” wide152 cm wide
TIC/426S#10 Cotton Duck, Greige (Standardized)60” wide152 cm wide
TIC/426#10 Cotton Duck, Greige (Non-Standardized)60” wide152 cm wide
TIC/427#8 Cotton Duck, Greige58” wide147 cm wide
TIC/428Cotton Sateen59” wide149 cm wide
TIC/42980 x 84 Combed Cotton Lawn62” wide157 cm wide
TIC/437(Same as 437W but no* for optical)18” tubular45 cm tubular
TIC/437B*Bleached Cotton T-shirt Fabric25” tubular63 cm tubular
TIC/437R*Greige T-shirt Fabric25” tubular63 cm tubular
TIC/439*9 oz. Terry Cloth54” wide137 cm wide
TIC/440 14 oz. Terry Cloth No optical – No softener59” wide149 cm wide
TIC/443*100% Cotton Mommie Cloth64” wide162 cm wide
TIC/445100% Bleached Cotton Sheeting – PFD45” wide114 cm wide
TIC/450100% Bleached Cotton Sailcloth – 8.5 oz.54” wide137 cm wide
TIC/459100% Bleached Cotton Knit-sport shirt wgt.60” wide152 cm wide
TIC/460100% Bleached Cotton Interlock Knit60” wide152 cm wide
TIC/460BK100% Cotton Interlock-dyed direct black 2230” tubular76 cm tubular
TIC/460R100% Cotton Interlock Greige30” tubular 76 cm tubular
TIC/461100% Bleached Cotton Interlock Knit (lighter in weight than 460)56” wide142 cm wide
TIC/462100% Cotton Ponte di Roma60”wide152 cm wide

* = contains optical brightener
B = Bleached
BK = Black
H = Heat set
R = Greige
WRL = Wrinkle Release


#DescriptionWidth (in.)Width (cm.)
TIC/522Worsted Gabardine58” wide147 cm wide


#DescriptionWidth (in.)Width (cm.)
TIC/601Silk Crepe – 30 mm45” wide114 cm wide
TIC/601ASilk Crepe – 40 mm45” wide114 cm wide
TIC/604Silk Habutae – 8 mm 45” wide114 cm wide
TIC/608Silk Charmeuse – 20 mm45” wide114 cm wide


#DescriptionWidth (in.)Width (cm.)
TIC/700*Fire resistant Polyester Fabric54” wide137 cm wide
TIC/701Microfiber Polyester 9.5 ozs. per yd50” wide127 cm wide
TIC/703Terry 5.48 ozs. per yd64” wide162 cm wide
TIC/704Baby Diamond Quilt61” wide154 cm wide
TIC/705Diamond Pointelle62” wide157 cm wide
TIC/706Jersey64” wide162 cm wide
TIC/707Napped Fleece – white62” wide157 cm wide
TIC/708*Polyester Brushed Tricot62” wide157 cm wide
TIC/710Texturized Polyester Gabardine60” wide152 cm wide
TIC/711Texturized Polyester “Doeskin”60” wide152 cm wide
TIC/717Polyester Marquisette60” wide88 cm wide
TIC/720100% Texturized Dacron 56 Double Knit not heat set60” wide152 cm wide
TIC/720H100% Texturized Dacron 56 Double Knit heat set60” wide152 cm wide
TIC/729Texturized Dacron 92 Crepe60” wide152 cm wide
TIC/730Texturized Polyester Interlock60” wide152 cm wide
TIC/733*Filament Polyester Pongee45” wide114 cm wide
TIC/734Filament Polyester Broadcloth45” wide114 cm wide
TIC/735Micro Denier Poly/Knit54” wide137 cm wide
TIC/750*100% Spun Dacron 54 Knit-sport shirt wgt.26” tubular66 cm tubular


#DescriptionWidth (in.)Width (cm.)
TIC/470160% Cotton 40% Poly Oxford63” wide160 cm wide
TIC/741055% Cotton 45% Polyester Sheeting60” wide152 cm wide
TIC/7401*50/50 Mommie Cloth68” wide172 cm wide
TIC/7402*50% Polyester 50% Cotton Percale (w/ finish)56” wide142 cm wide
TIC/7403*50% Polyester 50% Cotton Poplin60” wide152 cm wide
TIC/7403WRL50% Polyester 50% Cotton Poplin w/ finish60” wide152 cm wide
TIC/7406Khaki 50% Polyester 50% Cotton Poplin45” wide114 cm wide
TIC/7410*50% Polyester 50% Cotton Interlock Tubular 30” wide76 cm wide
TIC/7421*50% Polyester 50% Cotton T-shirt Greige45” wide114 cm wide
TIC/743565% Polyester 35% Cotton Shirting–no finish45” wide114 cm wide
TIC/7435WRL65% Polyester 35% Cotton Shirting w/ finish45” wide114 cm wide
TIC/7437*65% Polyester 35% Cotton Broadcloth60” wide152 cm wide
TIC/743865% Polyester 35% Cotton Twill w/ finish60” wide152 cm wide
TIC/743950% Polyester 50% Cotton 180 ct. sheeting54” wide137 cm wide

* = contains optical brightener
B = Bleached
BK = Black
H = Heat set
R = Greige
WRL = Wrinkle Release

Blends - Acrylic

#DescriptionWidth (in.)Width (cm.)
TIC/862*100% Spun Acrylic Interlock Knit60” wide152 cm wide

Blends - Linen

#DescriptionWidth (in.)Width (cm.)
TIC/L54White Linen60” wide152 cm wide
TIC/L61Handkerchief Linen59” wide149 cm wide