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SDL Atlas


Textile Innovators provides testing materials for to meet various ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) Textile, Home Furnishing and Home Appliance standards.

Dynamic Seam Fatigue Test Method D4033
M281BFoam Blocks (solids)each
M281CNymo Sewing Thread (Specify size 5 or 8) per spool
M281DBall Point Sewing Machine Needles pack of 10
Test Method D3512
M227U-1Dyed 60 Grain Cotton Silver1 yd
M227U-10Dyed 60 Grain Cotton Silver10 yds
Stoll Quartermaster Abrasion Test Method D3885/3885
M282CM282C Abradent “O”50 yd roll
M282DM282D Abradent “600A”50 yd roll
M282EM282E Abradent “320J”50 yd roll
Test Method D3597
TD13/0124/4 “Z” Twist white glazed finishper cone
TD13/0224/4 “Z” Twist white satin soft finishper cone
Test Method D434
TD13/04White Sewing Thread, 40 Texper cone
F11Vacuum Cleaners for Test Method F555 & 655
TF11/01Nylon Plush with bound edges*27” X 72”
TF11/02Level Loop Wool with bound edges*27” X 72”
TF11/03Nylon Multi-level with bound edges*27” X 72”
TF11/04Nylon Shag with bound edges*27” X 72”
TF11/06Foam padding with carpet order*27” X 72”
TF11/06AFoam Carpet Paddingroll
TF11/08IEC 60312 Mineral Dust (coarse & fine)set
TF11/09 Talc Powder 500g
TF11/10Wedron Sandlb
TF11/12 Wood Floorkg

*other sizes available