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SDL Atlas Consumables

<span>SDL Atlas</span> Consumables


SDL Atlas offers the broadest range of testing consumables in the textile and home appliance testing markets. All of the consumables we sell are of the highest quality and meet important international standards. We start with our own line of Textile Innovators consumables that covers textile testing needs such as multifibers for wash fastness tests, crocking supplies, make weights, pilling supplies, and more. Textile Innovators also has a large selection of consumables for home appliance testing. These include DOE energy cloth, soil cloth, and standard carpet panels as a few examples.

We complement or Textile Innovators range with consumable products from organizations and companies such as AATCC, SDC, WFK, and EMPA. The resulting product line allows us to match your testing needs precisely with the correct consumables.

Please select the consumables category below that interests you for a more detailed listing of the category. If you do not find the consumable you are looking for in the following lists, please look at the related test instrument for additional consumable listings.